The AHWRS was formed in 1995 as a result of meetings between clinicians and scientists including Rodney Sinclair, Leslie Jones and George Rogers. However, the history of fibre research in Australia dates back to the early twentieth century due to the importance of the wool industry to the Australia economy. During these many decades the basis of our knowledge of fibre structure, chemistry, biology, physics, mechanical properties and processing, was established in institution such as CSIRO and various Australia universities including thousands of researchers with generous financial support from the Australian wool growers and the Australian government.

Our objectives:

  • To provide a forum for interaction between doctors treating patients with diseases of the hair and scalp and scientists working in the field of hair and wool research.
  • To facilitate research into hair development, structure, and function through the study of human patients, animals, and model systems which may be of mutual benefit to wool and cosmetic industries, and which may lead to a better understanding of human and animal hair disorders.
  • To bring together scientists and clinicians working in the fields of hair and wool.
  • To encourage researchers entering the field of hair science.
  • To enhance the treatment of people with disorders of the hair and scalp through making available the latest advances in research and diagnostic techniques.
  • To establish links with the International Hair Research Societies and to foster international collaboration into hair and wool research.

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Committee members

Prof. Rodney Sinclair


A. Prof. Leslie Jones


Dr Samantha Eisman


Past presidents

  • Prof George Rogers
  • Prof Rodney Sinclair
  • Assoc. Prof Leslie Jones